The Basic Tips to Shop Online Safely

Internet shopping opened the possibility to access a huge number of products that were previously inaccessible because of distance, exposure or availability. However, people tend to avoid making purchases electronically for fear of being a victim of fraud, or worse, identity theft. Here are some tips to make your online shopping transactions secure.

What are secure pages and why to trust them?

The number one tip to avoid scams on the internet is that you make sure you are buying on secure pages. A secure page provides protection against the possibility that someone outside the transaction can see electronic information transmitted as credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

Secure pages use encryption methods or safe coding and have certificates that are guaranteed by an authority. The certificate is presented internally by the website to the browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. and the browser identify it as a secure page. If an internet browser detects that the certificate is not supported by a certification authority, it lets you know immediately.

How do you know if a page is secure?

To determine whether you are accessing a secure page, browsers have an icon, usually a closed padlock, either in the address bar or in the status bar at bottom right. Sometimes they have more indicators as colored buttons or addresses for further information.

In addition to the visual indicators, you can check if the site address that appears in the address bar starts with ‘https: //’ instead of ‘http: //’

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